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Making the right choice is imperative in cabinet design, use our simple formula to make the process easy & enjoyable.


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Bandswan is just like it sounds. The wood is kiln-dried like any other cabinet material but then run through a special machine to give it an old barnwood appearance. Knotty Alder is typically used because of its natural knotty appearance. This can be stained or painted.
Dry Glaze
Paint, dry and wet glazed finishes have been extremely popular over the past 20 years and continue to be best sellers in our region. A “dry” powder glaze words very different than a traditional “wet” glaze. A dry glaze is sprayed over the product. Once dry, it is removed by buffing off with an abrasive pad. The dry glaze is great for creating a more dramatic shadow/halo effect. Glazing also accentuates the distressing in the cabinets.
Painted finishes offer our clients a wide variety of colors to select from. We have the ability to match any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color All paints are oven cured, making them very chemical and moisture resistant. All painted finishes are primed with two coats of primer, oven cured, sanded between coats, cleaned and then an additional top coat is applied.
Rustic finishes emphasize the natural character found in lumber: knots, mineral streaks, worm streaks, minor splits, tiger stripe, color variations, and numerous other natural occurring characteristics found in lumber. All parts and pieces are carefully inspected to make sure they are structurally sound. Not all pieces will display their unique characteristics, so we certainly recommend distressing to ensure all parts appear to have the worn look you are seeking. Stain and glazed finishes are most common on these projects. The glaze helps to accentuate the character and distressing in the wood.
Stained finishes may be applied to solid lumbers and wood veneers. CCF offers a wide variety of different standard and custom colors, ranging from natural (clear finish) to dark espresso colors. All stain colors can be applied to different wood species, however, with the differences in wood density and grain type, the color may take on a completely different look on a new species.
Wet Glaze
Wet glaze stained finishes are the two different types of glazes we offer on stained cabinets. A “wet” glaze is sprayed over the product, wiped with a rag, leaving glaze remains in corners and crevices to help highlight detail.




Bar Pulls
Modern functionality meets straightforward styling. Simple. Bold. True. The sleek and sophisticated design of the Bar Pulls Collection makes a statement with clean lines and smooth textures.
Inspired by hard geometric lines, Blackrock™’s simple shapes make a lasting impression.
With a broad-faced design and traditional feet, the Candler collection offers a nice blend of traditional and transitional for maximum versatility.
For a soft, contemporary look, the Cyprus collection offers a sleek design with a more substantial feel, striking the perfect balance between form and function.
Glacio is sleek and minimalist, blending crystal-clear accents and beautifully finished metallic mountings that seem to float above the surface for an ethereal look and feel.
Resembling the graceful details of a lathe-turned form, Granby resonates with a stylish simplicity that beautifully accentuates any space.
Elegantly designed with an inviting blend of sophisticated lines and understated details, the Mulholland collection is an obvious choice for lasting style.
Understated beauty meets versatility in the Revitalize collection. This sophisticated collection is a timeless classic you can expect to always stay in style.
Retro is revolutionized with a transitional twist in the Westerly collection. This collection features soft modern lines for a perfect blend of old and new.




From face frame to full access, rest assured you will find your perfect fit to all your unique needs.
Organizing is simple with great products like our Cutlery Trays, Utensil Trays and Universal Spice Racks.
We are proud to offer innovative and versatile products including our Tip-Out Trays, U-Shaped Pullout Wire Basket and Under Sink Caddy.
Tall & Pantry
Designed to increase functionality and enhance the look and performance of your kitchen, our ground breaking accessories provide easy access and organization for everyday items. In this section, you will find everything you need to keep your pantry organized.
Our classic door mount spice racks and storage shelves expand your limited space with selections of wire, polymer and wood. And now everyone can reach the shelves in your wall cabinet with our revolutionary chrome Pull Down Shelving System.
Waste Containers
Whether you have a small clearance cabinet, or you are wanting to be more environmentally conscious, we have designed a pullout waste container for every situation. In this section, you will find everything you need to know about waste containers and selecting the perfect one for your home.


Silestone - Desert Silver
Desert Silver quartz countertop by Silestone is a stunning light gray stone, appearing almost white. The subtle pattern features beautiful thin veins of bright white, that appear prominently against the light gray bedrock. Up close tiny flecks of white and light gray can be seen.
Silestone - ET Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Gold has strong veins of light gray, light beige, and gold that strike through the surface like a bolt of lightning as the surface resembles natural marble stone. This countertop is an interior designer’s dream and can pair beautifully with nearly any design style.
Silestone - ET Statuario
Et Statuario is a stunning white quartz countertop, that is commonly compared to Italian Carrara marble. The base coloring is a beautiful bright white, and the stone features faint highlights in various shades of gray. Sparkling can be seen throughout the stone, and Et Statuario quartz countertops are known to bring light and brightness to any space.
Silestone - Lyra
Lyra is a bright white quartz countertop with a faint gray marble-like appearance throughout the surface. The stone is known for pairing well with modern, all-white kitchen and bathroom designs. The beautiful white quartz features light specklings of beige, taupe, and gray, as well as darker gray, beige, black, and brown veins.
Silestone - Pearl Jasmine
Pearl Jasmine is a white quartz countertop with a beautiful pattern of faint and dark gray veining. The white stone is interwoven with bluish-gray waves and white and gray highlights. The stunning stone is a popular choice white countertop material and is an elegant addition to any all-white kitchen or black and white design!
Silestone - Pietra
Pietra is a white quartz countertop with a mix of faint grays throughout the surface area. The stone features veining of grays, blues, and creams that create beautiful movement and dimension. The white quartz countertop pairs well with light and dark cabinetry and can be used to brighten any space.
Viatera - Aria
Alabaster and creamy eggshell make the perfect backdrop for intricate black marbling. Much like an aria in a Baroque Opera, this pattern doesn’t just repeat itself, it grows more complex and rich with each swirl.
Viatera - Everest
Various shades of white, gray and black marbling. Resembling the works of Michelangelo, the layering of these three colors give this design richness and depth, creating a unique textured appearance.
Viatera - Minuet
Alabaster with grey marbling gives a rich and luxurious feel. The perfect harmony of colors is reminiscent of the marriage of notes in a minuet.
Viatera - Rococo
Pale eggshell with gray marbling. Delicate gray marbling seems to swirl and float effortlessly on a pristine canvas. Each subtle detail whispers beautiful music in your ear before being whisked away by the breeze, leaving you to ponder its haunting melody.